Replica Otaku Coin [R04842] Exchange Ticket

Replica Otaku Coin [R04842] Exchange Ticket


Tax included.

The purchased NFT will be sent at the end of the following month.
Those who have won the bid for the Replica Otaku Coin in the past will not be able to purchase.

The winning bid will be cancled and passed down to the nex bid.

"Replica Otaku Coin" is an NFT with a serial number consisting of 10,000 color variations on the leading side chain "Polygon". There are serial numbers from [R00001] to [R10000].Only one can be purchased per person.

Enthusiastic anime fans all over the world are members of the anime industry and community who work together to spread Japan's proud anime culture to the world. The Otaku Coin Association, created a replica NFT in 10,000 different color variations based on the Otaku Coin © logo mark as a "symbol" for activities to enliven the anime industry and the entire community and spread anime to the world together with the fans. There is only one NFT in the world for each color.
Each "Replica Otaku Coins" comes in a different color.Don't miss out on this opportunity to get your hands on the Replica Otaku Coin.